Looking Forward….


…. a fresh start full of hope and optimism.  Last year, I did not make any resolutions….except a quiet personal one to loose weight, and guess where I am now—-5 pounds heavier! 

So, again this year, my one resolution is to slim down…AMEN.   Only this time I am announcing it to the world.     I would be happy to loose 20 pounds and keep it off.   There it is.  You will know my success by my willingness to talk about it.

I also have decided to join my friend Kat, in the counting up of each completed “thing”as I complete it….”thing” meaning any artistic endeavor, crafty endeavor, or project that results in a tangible object.  Kat has been doing this for 2 years, her final 2009 number is 360!  I am not jealous of her prolificness one bit, nope not me!  I am thinking that counting will motivate me and hopefully amuse you to watch the number grow over the year and see what I come up with.   I most always post a photo of  what I complete, so why not assign a number to it.   2009’s ending number was 160.  How high will the number go this year?   

I find happiness in producing art regularly, consistently and finishing projects.  Years ago, I read Julia Cameron’s book “The Artists Way”.  The main idea from this book that has stuck with me about creating art is “worry about the quantity, let God worry about the quality”.    So that is exactly what I am doing, making, counting up the quantity, and listening.   I’m not trying to take things too seriously here, there will be plenty of experiments and not-so-greats, they will be counted and chalked up to experience.   But I do have to get busy, I have been very fortunate the past few months and sold much of my work, my coffers are empty.  Its a good, but strange feeling…I want a “stash” of work” in a dresser, under the bed ready for some spur of the moment opportunity.   Anybody willing to try counting up with Kat and I….would love for you to join in! 

Enough said, let the fun and games begin! 

#1 I’ve finished a mobius scarf, meaning a circular scarf with a twist in the middle.  I garter stitched a skein of that wonderful Japanese yarn, noro, then sewed the two ends together after flipping one end to create the twist.  The twist helps the scarf fold over itself flatly in the front, and just looks pretty when worn.  Delicious colors are what I like best about this one. 

1-1-10 009

But I am not quite happy with the way this scarf wears….it might just get ripped apart.

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  1. Wonderful Jackie, I hope counting up helps us both be more productive. My goal is to beat 2009’s estimated number of 160.

  2. I’ll join you in the counting up. I really want to accomplish more art this year and thin the fabric stash. We’ll see what happens!

  3. I am ALWAYS impressed with your output!
    I won’t join you on the making things part, Although making the Delicious Scarves has GREATLY increased my output!

    How about Honey and I join you on the weight loss club! That, I can put MY behind, behind!!

  4. HI Deb,

    FWIW, I lost 35 lb. this past year using sparkpeople.com It’s a pretty comprehensive nutrition/fitness site. It took be about 6 weeks to get my favorite recipes/menus into their recipe calculator, which was the most time consuming thing for me. If you decide to sign up, my user name is threadbender.

    Love the colors in the scarf!

  5. Happy New Year, Deb. Sure I’ll join. I won’t generate big numbers like you and Kat but I want to get more accomplished too. As they say “just do the work”.

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