Handmade treasure


Jeff’s brother, John,  made Colton a set of blocks from hard wood scraps, he is a fine cabinetry builder and has been busy in his workshop since retiring over a year ago.    Jeff finished off the gift by making a box for all of the blocks. 

He carved and wood burned the top:

12-22-09 001a

Added leather handles:

12-22-09 002

And a hinged top:

12-22-09 003

It was definitely well received:

12-24-09 025

Happy New Year’s Eve!

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  2. An absolute treasure for eternity! So nicely done and appropriate! So many ‘storebought’ sets are too small of pieces for that age. Bravo, John!

  3. that will be the best gift ever. We gave ds wooden blocks for his second birthday. He will soon be 24 and those blocks still get used for various and sundry things.

    Happy New Year! Love your blog, though I don’t often comment.

  4. The delight on Colton’s face is probably only matched by the joy it brought Jeff & John. What a lovely present. He’ll play with it for years and years and hopefully pass it on to his own son someday.

    Happy New Year.

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