Looking back at 2009



2009 was a year of learning new things, and good experiences….each small step contributes to a interesting, happy existence, nothing earth shattering here….

-Seeing our first grandchild,  Colton, grow over this first year of his life was one of the most gratifying experiences ever.

-Photography, editing photos…..added to my base of knowledge in this field

-Worked at a greenhouse for the first time in my life, and loved being surrounded by plants and  people who love plants-

-Experimented with improvisational quilting this year and am hooked…will do more of this.

-Participated in several art shows, learning much from each experience

-Experimented with mosaic making, trying my hand at outdoor proof techniques

-Got involved with ArtIsIn Market, locally,  and am loving being a member of this coop gallery

-Taught friends and family to make mosaics….adding to our tribe of the Mosacians

-Learned to enjoy my garden more this year, simplified things, requiring less work, less water, less chemicals…more simplifying to come

-Packed up and moved my parents from their condo in record time(with lots of help), I hope 2010 brings them back to Michigan.  Learned much about moving a household

-Crafted many objects….a personal record breaking 160 pieces is my nearest estimation.  This includes all the pins I made during the last two months, well over 100.

I know I have missed and forgotten much….but…

Yes all in all, 2009 was a good year, I am thankful for so much and want to finish with a short list of my blessings:

-The health, happiness and stability of my family during this difficult economic year.

-Jeff….his patience and often earned but seldom shown exasperation with me.  I do love sharing my life with this man.  He keeps life interesting and adventurous, and brings out my best. 

-My family,  I see them regularly, most everyone is in close proximity…I love that! 

-My friends are all so inspiring…each in a unique way.  I enjoy and learn from each and every one of you.

-And last but not least, I am thankful to the Lord for being by my side.  He is the Light of my way and the Peace in my heart and mind, and the Joy in my soul.  

Now…..what’s next…..??????

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  1. It must be so wonderful to see the hard evidence of ho productive you’ve been over the year!
    You inspire me.

  2. You are truly blessed with such a loving family and so MUCH TALENT!! Thanks for all of your sharing! Love, Gail

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