Holiday Review


12-24-09 034

I hope your Christmas was beautiful, happy,  and all you wanted it to be! 

Ours was just that, with a little excitement mixed in:

-The family gathered on Christmas Eve, we ate, drank and opened presents.  I received something that I was not expecting but shall enjoy, two things actually….

12-24-09 045 A “baby blanket” that I can wrap up in and get a hug from my grandson when he is not there.  He was so funny, he loves that larger than life baby too. 

The second item was a fondue pot, which I have been wanting.  My daughters said that this was a slightly selfish gift for me, because now I can make them fondue…..we love fondue, Capri Kelly style:


(Photo courtesy of No Whining Allowed)

-After the celebration most of us went to see Avatar.  I loved it…it was beautiful, touching, and amazing.  I would go see it again…but this time be all the wiser about the proper way to watch it.   Christmas morning, I woke up dizzy, and with a splitting headache.    I was thinking that I had some sort of bug, or was just overtired.  But then in the evening (still an aching head), I was reading Pioneer Woman’s blog when she mentioned the same symptoms after watching Avatar.  She did the research and there is a thing called a 3D headache…especially after 3 hours of 3D(that’s how long Avatar is, unbelievable, because it felt like a regular length movie.)  So here is the scoop on the proper way to view 3D.   Today, I still have a headache, and am dead tired…all of this has caught up with me…

-Part of “this” is the doctor appointment I had on Dec 23. He is an oncology specialist, and  I am grateful for his care, its been two years since I had to have surgery for a slow growing type of ovarian cancer.  This doctor is like no other, he will not refuse a patient and will see us as quickly as needed.  So they line up from all over the country, my appointment was at 4PM and I finally got to see him at 1AM.  I cancelled this appointment twice because of the dread of having to endure this marathon waiting.  But he listens to you, attends to the details, takes all the time you need, cures.    This appointment was stressful in itself, and then add the wait in his office.  By the time I got into the exam room, my blood pressure was sky high!   In the future, though, my regular doc can follow through…I will get CT scans for many years as a precaution.

-Then- icing on the cake, Bibbs decided to eat a plant, on Christmas Eve,  that she has not ever showed any interest in.  That said plant made her sick…vomiting after every morsel of food.  I have been on alert watching her every move the past two days.  This morning we went to the vet, and yes the plant she ate can be toxic in its mature form…..ranunculus.  I had looked up this plant, and it is not listed on any of the poison websites I visited.  The vet gave her something to stop the vomiting and hopefully she is on the upswing.  

12-24-09 066

But other than those snaffoo’s its been a wonderful Christmas, full of blessings, joy, family and entirely too much good food!   Now,  a day or two of peace would really be appreciated.  

I’m saying a prayer for just that.  Please.    Thank you. 

And thank you friends for listening always.

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  1. Sounds like a loverly day!

    SO glad you got good news at the dr.’s AND had lots of knitting time!

    Oooooh, fondue! Sounds scrum-tru-lescent!

    Love the last picture of The Ruskies!

    Merry Christmas, Friends!

  2. Never a dull minute eh!? Happy that now all seems well. Maybe you should post a photo of the plant the cat ate? I do not have a mental image of that one. Great news from the dr? sorry you had to wait so long. Did you knit while waiting. Love the baby photo blanket!! What a fun idea! Buster is keeping Jackie busy. Love, Gail

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