Way Back Santa



Where have all the years gone.  Here is a photo from 1985.  Santa actually stopped at our house for a visit on Christmas Eve.   TJ looks skeptical, Steph is smitten, little Ron is nervous and in his mom’s arms.  I remember TJ whispering to me, wondering where Grandpa was.  And that’s my sister, Cherie, holding her little guy.  I am a little melancholy for the old days at this moment, and certainly do miss  many special people who aren’t here to gather with us on the holidays.    But I am shaking it off with a thankful heart, and will give my loved ones an extra special hug this Christmas and treasure there presence…..that’s my present to myself for I am fortunate  and blessed   Hope you have a good Christmas with those you love. 

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  1. We learn so much from those who have gone, most importantly to appreciate those we have. I miss my father, but am so grateful to have my sister and mother, and so many others. I love the phrase, “thankful heart”.

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