Where I Stand 12-20-09


Miss Bibbs has a quirky compulsion….stealing things from my sewing room and drowning them in her water bowl.   I confronted her today about this problem….

12-20-09 002

Its a little ritual with her.  She sneaks into my sewing room, grabs a piece of fabric, runs across the house, drops  it in her bowl.  Very deliberate.  Her favorite thing is scraps of felt, sometimes there is so much felt in her bowl that it has soaked up all the water.  Silly kitty!  One of Kelly’s cats does this too, with yarn.  I have lived with many cats in my life, and have never had a water bowl dunker before.   I change her water every day,  even though she prefers to drink out of a drippy faucet.   This is a game with her, I am sure. 

So we had a talk, Missy and I, halfway through she looked me in the eye….and walked away.   

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  1. To me it looks like she’s saying
    “Look what I made MOM! I can be artistic too!”
    She is PROUD of that bowl of wet felt!

  2. Miss Bibbs has that “teenager” look on her face — the one that says you don’t know what you’re talking about!!
    Love it.

  3. She looks innocently, deliciously, naughty sitting there looking up at you!
    I heart a quirky cat!
    Halle’s new endeavor is all about ornament dunking. She is taking it to new heights.

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