Baby turns 1



Saturday we celebrated Colts birthday…..he had such a good time, catching on to the whole gift opening idea pretty quick…..he loves all things “Elmo”…..

12-12-09 020

12-12-09 013

But then we lost his attention, and he was off somewhere else……and his mama finished opening his many gifts

12-12-09 026

He is one lucky little guy…..and especially lucky because he has 6 great grandparents, as well as 4 grandparents and many aunts and uncles…..

12-12-09 071

Soon it was time for cake……

12-12-09 035

What we need is some time lapse photography, this is the best I can do……

12-12-09 036 Ready, set go….

12-12-09 040 “Look, the balloons!”

12-12-09 042

oooh, what’s this?

12-12-09 043 A tentative touch

12-12-09 046 mmmmm……

12-12-09 052 I see….they want me to get all mushy pushy with the cake!….oh yeah, this is fun!

12-12-09 054 All right, then!

12-12-09 061 Help, I need water!

Colt ended his fun birthday with one of his favorite things, pushing the camera button…

I think the photos he took, their angles, are rather entertaining……

12-12-09 076 12-12-09 073 12-12-09 074 12-12-09 072

Colt first birthday Happy Birthday Colton!  Its been such a pleasure watching you grow this year!  Your mom and dad had such a nice party for you, and know that you are loved by all of us who attended. 

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  1. Thanks Kel….the cake was delicious…if you ever need a special cake I would recommend Elite Sweets.

  2. I love the time lapse photos, he is such a sweetie. And seen from his perspective, you are all funny looking. Oh, I mean you look like you’re having fun.

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