Where I Stand 12-13-09


12-13-09 006

Something about having a young child around to celebrate Christmas makes me feel especially joyful this season.  I really loved bringing in some Christmas magic around the house today,   seeing things through a child’s “first Christmas eye’s”.   Colton saw the Christmas tree this evening and let out one of his sounds of delight, and made it all worth it! 

I brought out the traditional ornaments this year…the ones that were always on our tree when the kids were growing up….

My favorites are the homemade ones….

12-12-09 090 Santa finger puppet in his chimney

12-12-09 091 Button and bead boy

12-12-09 093Macaroni caroler

12-12-09 097 Santa painted on a popsicle stick

12-12-09 096 Santa painted on a oyster shell

12-13-09 013

Capri Lisa made several of these ornaments years ago, and they are our treasures. 

These days, Lisa is in charge of the gardens at an estate in Virginia.  After the gardens are put to bed in the fall, Lisa decorates and transforms the home into a Christmas showplace, both indoors and out.   Look at what she has done this year, here.  Beautiful! 

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  2. Wow… those brought back memories! I can recall walking the beachs in North Carolina and collecting the ‘perfect’ oyster shells for Santa faces.

  3. Hey! I have that Santa painted on a popsicle stick too!!!
    I love the little treasures. I’m going to get all teary eyed now.

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