This week’s doings


This has been a week of mosaicing, both for gifts and for an exhibit I am participating in.  The exhibit will be in January, and its called The Earth Challenge.  The challenge is to be inspired by an image from the  book:  Earth: A New Perspective by Nicolas Cheetham

earth cover

The book is filled with beautiful satellite photos of the earth. 

This is the photo I chose for the mosaic:

hurricane And here is the mosaic in progress, a wide range of materials were used, everything from glass, beads, tiles, plastic jewelry pieces:


The finished work:


Its not perfect, by any means.  For one maybe I am dyslexic, the rotation is wrong….rather than a hurricane, I have depicted a southern hemisphere cyclone with a clockwise rotation.  Oops, thank you Jeff for that correction.   And I sure did learn a bunch about how a giant storm radiates from the center.   As I’ve said before, its all about the process….I love that I really looked, and tried to record….and feel gratified just to “see” more clearly.   That’s right, out of this colorful piece of chaos….

I did learn something!

I also worked on some mirrors….these are small, about 8 inches long. IMG_4918

I also have some other things in progress…but can’t let out all my secrets! 

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