The doings….


I haven’t caught the flu, but I do have a bad case of the doings….

12-4-09 002

Doing things like:  Gluing pennies to a bowling ball…because once its out in the garden, it will be a faceted, sparkling, and very sturdy gazing ball.  I have seen them with two layers of pennies to hide the bowling ball underneath, but am wondering if grouting would be a better idea.  This is something I do just a little at a time, as the wet glue allows the pennies to slide if they aren’t right on top.   I have all winter.  

And, three guesses….more pins….

12-4-09 artisin A

in a more subdued, winter white scheme

12-4-09 artisin B

I took a group of pins to 212 Art Center for their Holiday Art Show/Sale….it starts tomorrow, Dec. 5 and runs through Dec 18.    There will be a wide variety of art at the gallery…jewelry, pottery, paintings, mixed media, fiber….I can’t wait to see what is there! 

The next “doing”  is something I didn’t make but must be included in this crafty blog post:

My mama sent me a batch of her hand knit dishcloths.  I know you all have used them in the past.  They are my favorite: sturdy, absorbent, stretchy, not prone to stinkiness…and these are made in delicious colors:

12-4-09 058

Mom  actually sent six of them, but Steph took her 3 before I had a chance to photograph.  Thanks Mom! 

So these are my crafty doings of the week….time to get busy with the Christmas decorating next. 

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  2. I am a friend of Kelly’s from BSF and church. I saw your pin on her coat yesterday and loved it. I went to Laurel Park today and bought one and got another lady to buy one too. We couldn’t decide on which one to buy. I got the red and black one. Very beautiful and clever. And…I just had to see the bowling ball.

  3. Thanks for reminding me I have a half done penny ball too!! Good winter project! Saw and voted for Marlo Gail

  4. When someone mentioned they had bowling balls for you I KNEW they would be mosaiced, but I didn’t imagine it would be with pennies! Very cool!
    Love the dish cloths… mine are getting ratty, I’ll have to ask mom to crochet me some more.

  5. love the bowling ball we used to do them with broken mirrors and glass,china……then grout them as you mention ;-)then sealer to be outside….have fun

  6. The bowling ball is a riot. But you are right it will be lovely when the sun shins in it.

    I just came back from a craft sale at the church and a lady had knitted dish cloths. I bought 3 for Bill’s stocking he does the dishes most of the time.

  7. I am very intrigued with the bowling ball thingy! Can’t wait to see the finished result!

    Where is the 212 Art Center? I have a friend who saw mine on the blob and she said she wanted one. I could send her there.
    Getting LOTS of compliments! I don’t really want to switch it to my holiday pin!

    LOVE the new ones too, very nice winter palate!

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