Where I Stand 11-29-09


Ohhhh, my goodness…..busy weekend, but a good weekend. 

Just ready to sit with my feet up and Bibbs on my lap. 


But as I think about this past weekend, there is so much to be thankful for.

-We have a family that was able to be here on Thanksgiving day.  We enjoyed all of them, and had the added surprise of Jeff’s brother, Jim,  being here for a visit. 

11-27-09 007

-The turkey, which we smoked, was very very tasty.  But I am also thankful that the leftovers are just about gone.

-I am thankful for a successful show on Saturday, my pins were well received!  And Saturday was so much fun,  getting to see the amazing creativity of some of my favorite friends and artists.  

11-29-09 003

(This Cynthia, and I would be very very thankful if I were to get this pillow she made  for Christmas!)

-And then, on Saturday evening we had a delicious delicious homemade  lasagna dinner at Capri K’s and Butch’s (lol).   We had a wonderful time,  heard all the details about the sewer line problems (Jeff was all about hearing the details……really!)   It was good to get our husbands better acquainted, and its always good to spend time with Kel! 

11-29-09 009

-And I am thankful for a good day today, at Art is In Market.  I joined this co-op gallery in October, and am glad to be one of the participating artists.  It was a busy day, that is for sure! 

11-1-09 014

That’s Carolyn and Debbie (on the right, who is the owner of Art Is In)

Just looking back over the weekend, life is good.  Now, this coming week I hope to get back to work….for which I am thankful, I have found outlets for art….and can busy myself making more. 

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  1. I’m glad you posted a close-up view. I thought the flowers were new. They were shades of things to come.

  2. That is a BEAUTIMOUS picture of Miss Bibbs! What a looker!I would like a closer look at your slippers though.

    It was fun seeing you this weekend!!

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