Stephania and John


Let me introduce you to my paternal grandparents….Stephania and John


They are my Polish grandparents…and the ones that always lived near us.  My babcha, Stephania, was a expert gardener, seamstress and shopper.  She was always so fashionable dressed and accessorized.  She generally made ALL of her own clothing, anything that she could practically make, she did. 

And cook!  Could she ever.   We had the best holiday dinners at her house.  All the good traditional polish food.   At Thanksgiving, my favorite was her gravy with some sort of polish mushroom….oh were they good.  And she would make pierogi, at Thanksgiving the fillings would be sauerkraut, potato and cheese.  But at Christmas, she would make apple, blueberry and plum pierogi with powdered sugar and butter over the top.    She made cooking and serving look so easy, serving a good number of guests around her table…not asking  anyone to bring a dish to pass, and absolutely no one was to help her with the dishes.  The table was set with beautiful china, and goldplated silverware, candles too of course.  She would never sit down during the whole meal, saying she had enough to eat while she was cooking.  She would bring bowl after bowl of food as needed. 

These are wonderful memories, of my past Thanksgivings with my grandparents, thanks for taking the trip back with me.   Wishing you a beautiful Thanksgiving that you will remember fondly. 

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  1. Oh my! I’ve never had or heard of pierogi with fruit filling! Those sound, as Mrs. Schmenkman would say… “SCRUM-TRU-LESENT!
    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you… sending much love!

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