Way Back Grandparents


Edward and Cecelia

Jeff’s paternal grandparents.  I gleaned some facts from EEEK, who had never met them as they were gone by the time she met Jeff’s dad. 

-Edward was a sales rep for Nesco, selling enamelware at the time.  His main account was the SS Kresge Co.

-Cecelia was an artist, she painted and made pottery.  I will have to show you my treasures from her someday.

-They were probably married about 1910

-She died in her early 30’s, of the flu…..and was pregnant at the time.  So that was probably in the 1920’s.  

Thanks for going Way Back with me today!

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  1. You hear all over the news about pregnant women being particularly at risk with the flu.
    EEEK wishes she had asked more questions when she was younger, now its too late. Fair warning to us all!

  2. One thing I forgot to mention is that Edward died at a young age too, when his boys were teenagers. Then the boys were kicked out of their home by their “wicked stepmother”. That deserves a post all its own.

  3. Oh dear, I was not expecting that last line!

    I agree about your chats with EEEK, these are treasures!

    I need to get on the stick about Way Back When-sday. I really need to go and get my Mom’s pictures. I don’t have more than a handful!

  4. I would love to have a copy of that picture.
    I’m sooooo glad you’re having these chats with eeek… I’m learning so much about my own family through your posts!

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