Where I Stand 11-15-09


Colt came over today and was idly playing with the CD’s under the computer desk, climbing up and down the porch step, just exploring, nothing too exciting…same ol’, same ol’.

Then he caught a glimpse of my laptop setting on the coffee table……

11-15-09 041

What a reaction!  He immediately started pushing keys, flipping the top open and closed, and squealing with delight. 

11-15-09 038

He’s 11 months old, for goodness sakes,  what  an unexpected attraction.    He had us all in stitches, he was silly and giddy with delight.  

My laptop did survive his escapades, but I think I will keep it out of reach from now on. 

And that first photo had my feet in it, so this counts as a “where I stand”…..

More baby pictures posted in the “family photo album page”

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