Happy Birthday Jaclyn

Jackie….happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you…..

I know you always hated being the youngest in the family, but maybe now you appreciate being younger than your brother and sister.    As the youngest, you were cherished not only by your mom and dad, grandparents and aunts and uncles……


But your brother and sister were so happy to have you….your arrival was a much anticipated event by all of us!


You are the darling of our family, and always will be! 


Jackie and I were buddies during her preschool years, with her siblings already in school.  We went everywhere together…..school events,  Taco Bell (two soft tacos),  to grandma’s and to friends houses.      I remember those days fondly.   jackie4

Jackie is fun loving and outgoing, really pretty fearless!


But if there is one character trait that jumped out as I looked through photos, is her love of animals, and their attraction to her. 


She was a favorite of Toad, and now of Marlo. 


That’s her favorite boy, Tiger…not looking too happy, but cooperating with his bath.  He adored Jackie. 


And her second favorite boy was her Aunt Patrice’s horse, Mel.  

6-17-09 004

Know that your mama loves you Jack! 


Have a wonderful birthday!!!


6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Jaclyn”

  1. and what a fine young woman she turned out to be– I am proud to be her Dad– (where is your helmet in the horse pic???)
    Happy Birthday Sweetie


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