Felt, fabric, buttons….


I got the idea to make a pin to wear on my winter coats and for sale at some of the events I will participate in this season….

My first color group is brown, to match my tan coat…..

pins013 pins001

 pins004 pins005

 pins006 pins007

 pins008 pins009

 pins010 pins011


Don’t you think they are kinda fun….put them on your coat, jacket, purse, belt, scarf, hat….

  I’ve used vintage buttons…letting go is hard to do! 


These aren’t finished, they need their pinbacks,  but just wanted to show you. 

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  1. Hi Jean: I would will be selling them at Art Is In Market in Laurel Park, and at my fiberarts group, Running with Scissors, Holiday Bazaar in Berkley.

  2. Those “pins” are awesome! I put “pins” in quotes because they really are works of art.

  3. Thank you all. Can’t trust my own taste, lol, glad you like them. Its home dec type fabrics combined with the felt, Kat.

    visit my blog to keep up with me, family, friends, and fiber works: _https://debkolar.wordpress.com _ (http://www.debkolar.wordpress.com/) Thanks!

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