Closing up the cabin


We made a quick trip to da UP last weekend.  The weather was appropriately gray and rainy, with most of the leaves down on the ground all soggy, no crunch crunch under foot.   


11-6-09 002

But something about the looks of the beach and lake in November is awesome, powerful and a little spooky.

The stinging wind and rain, hitting me as I walked out made for some quick shots, and then a dash back inside. 

11-6-09 013

11-6-09 011

On the way home, we stopped at the Cut River Bridge, which is now open after being  closed (off and on, mysteriously) for almost 2 years. 

It does appears that work was done on the support structure. 

11-6-09 019

So the cabins are safely tucked in, and ready for a long winter. 

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  1. Makes me wish I could walk my woods, and see the debris underfoot. You have ghosts of leaves in your picture.

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