Where I Stand, 11-1-09



Marlo is wondering why I’m not feeding her  at 6 o’clock today, why I am paying no attention.  She’s whining in the kitchen right at this moment.  Below she’s caught in a  full fledged bark, insistent that I’m late with her evening meal. 

11-1-09 022

We gradually adjust her feeding to the time change.  Gradually change her inner clock.  Takes about a week.  I will never need an alarm clock for 6AM or 6 PM, as long as Marlo is around.     And I wish my sense of time was as well developed. 

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  1. I used to do that with Cookie but the “Gang of Three” would have none of it. So they eat dinner at 6 in the winter, 7 in summer. Breakfast is still an issue. The automatic coffee pot fires up at 6:30 and that’s the signal get momma up (if she’s not already up). But they still start agitating around 5:45. Their internal clocks are amazing.

  2. Know how ya feel girls – our weimar is the best at reminding us, then the other two join in. So falling back an hour has no meaning to us for a long while.

  3. Dooley’s clock is most excellent as well. I try to make him wait an extra five minutes every day until he gets more on schedule. But sometimes the chirping is unbelievably loud and I give in. If nothing else he sings me a nice song. 🙂

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