Happy Birthday Steph


Yes, Steph, you are not to be forgotten….your birthday is right around the corner…..

steph1 This mama loved her sweet baby girl, and was so happy to be blessed with such a beautiful, good, easy going baby. 


 steph3She has always been close to her cousins, Erin and Nicole.

 steph4LOL!  I wonder what was going on here?

 steph5 Cousin Ben and Steph are very close in age….they were so cute holding hands on the beach.   I think Steph was trying to lead him around. 

steph6 With her dad and Aunt Lisa….(are those  jellie’s, Lis)


And with her cousin Ron, and bestest  friend next door Kevin   (what’s that bug on the table????)steph9 With her brother, the  Teej…..

steph10And and my two lovely daughters, Jackie and Steph, all grown up. 

 steph8Happy Birthday Stephcha….  Hope you have a wonderful birthday and a blessed year ahead.  Love you bunches……

4 responses »

  1. Her hair was SO dark when she was a baby!
    You were such an AngelBaby!! And a loverly young woman now!
    Happy Birthday Steph!

  2. Happy Birthday Steph
    I couldn’t be more proud of the way you have grown
    Luv ya Bunches

  3. Yes they were…. perfectly matched to my pink mini skirt too!
    Happy birthday Steph, you’ve grown up to be a fine woman I know that we are all very proud of you!

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