Capri Mosaics


Patt, Kelly and Lisa became members of the mosacian tribe this week…..

And I think they had a really good time, and want to make more….yes!

Lisa with her tree and setting sun……

10-24-09 mosaics and other 006

Patt and her seahorse…..

10-24-09 mosaics and other 012

And last but not least….Kel and her “THE 4 ELEMENTS” mirror frame…..

10-24-09 mosaics and other 001 

Here they are grouted……

10-24-09 mosaics and other 027

On Patt’s seahorse, I think we should have gone with a different grout.

I may try grouting it again.

10-24-09 mosaics and other 030

And Kelly’s mirror frame……

10-24-09 mosaics and other 034

Perhaps their good mosaics are a reflection of the teacher.  Yes, I’m proud of them!

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