Capricious week


Lisa was here from Virginia this past week, initially to bring Paddy the beaver to her new home, and then for a visit with family and friends.  After the tragedy with Paddy, we had a mission….distract, cheer and keep Lisa busy.    I think we did a pretty good job: 

-We had a family get together with just about the whole gang at Patrice’s house…including many of the younger folk, they love their Aunt Lisa! 

10-22-09 Lisa's pics 007

-See the jar that says MONEY….it actually reads  “no money, no eatey”……  that’s the only way Patrice could bribe us, as we are food motivated.  She spearheaded a family donation to the Howell Nature Center, which is where Paddy would have found a home for life. 

10-24-09 009

-We had a party at Kel’s that included a fondue feast, singing, and directing Jackie’s text messages to a new friend.  For some strange reason, Jackie didn’t invite him over to meet all of us.   

-We met at The Cottage Inn in Ann Arbor, to eat and catch up with Annie (the Capri from Battle Creek, she’s front left).  10-24-09 030

-We had another dinner at my home, this time with TJ, Amber and Colt in attendance too-

10-22-09 Lisa's pics 086 And nephew Logan….who just got new braces,  is one whole lot of energy, talk and questions bundled into an 8 year old body.  Uncle Jeff and Logan were playing cat and mouse under the piano.  I feel sorry for Logan’s mom, Nicole, who had to get that wound up little guy to bed soon after leaving our house.    

10-20-09 038

-And, lastly, we did something that didn’t revolve around food—-mosaiced…..visit Cut, Stitch, Paste for details

10-22-09 Lisa's pics 072  Note that I did NOT say “we went shopping”….that played a very minor role, aren’t you proud of us! 

10-24-09 mosaics and other 018

It was a “Capri-licious” week.  Lisa left this morning.   Back to real life for all of us, but life made all the sweeter with the memories of this week to savor.

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