Catching up from behind


10-14-09 051a

Oh yes,  I can take a deep breath now and exhale slowly.   Yesterday was the finishing of a month long project of packing up my parent’s condo (an hour away)  and putting everything in storage.  They are downsizing,  and will be moving much closer to me within a few months.   But first,  their place in Florida needs to sell also.  They are down there taking care of that, and enjoying the warmth and sunshine I hope.   Its not easy, this downsizing business.  But I am glad they are taking care of it now while they are able, rather than later.  

I have one lesson I’ve learned to share with you….


pack light during your earthly visit.

I am now even more motivated to continue to get rid of “the extraneous”.   My mama is a collector, I could certainly be just like her.  But no, I will not.  Somewhere it is said, we accumulate stuff during our first 40 years, and spend the next 40 years getting rid of that STUFF.   Its so hard though.  For instance,  I have this industrial sewing machine in the basement.  I don’t use it really, but what if I need it someday.  I could find someone to purchase it at a bargain price right now, but then would I regret it?  There is a fine line between getting rid of things just to lighten the load, and thoughtfully divesting of your possessions.  A little judicious judgment is needed, not fast  ruthless decisions.   So it may just take me 40 years.  Certainly though, I will also have the same attitude when it comes to adding new STUFF to the pile. Thoughtful consideration, before purchasing or collecting on a whim.   

Now, I do hope to put just a little more time and attention into my poor neglected “blobs” and have some time to actually make some things…..not that I want to add more stuff to my STUFF, but for the joy of making. 

And check out the “Family Photo Album” page for some new pics of our 10 month old Colt.

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  1. Oh, man, have you seen my basement? I told Mark if he dies I’m building a funeral pyre and throwing myself on it, not for undying love, but because I don’t want to deal with all the radio stuff he’ll leave behind!

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