Mosaic Weekend


Jeff and I took off for the UP this past weekend, visiting with Jeff’s sister and brother-in-law…Laurie and Hank.  I packed a bunch of glass for Laurie and I.    This was Laurie’s first try at mosaics, and I do believe she has an eye and a knack for it. 

Here are her mosaics, before grouting…

Her warm up and training exercise was a small “something” on a 6 x 6 tile. 

10-5-09 037a

Then she started in on a mirror frame…just went for it, NO FEAR!

10-5-09 051a

And she finished off with a Medicine Man

10-5-09 042a Can’t wait to see these grouted….

And here are my efforts

A warm up exercise on a 6 x 6 tile….

10-5-09 036a

A southwest themed landscape for Laurie’s outhouse….

10-5-09 040a

A mirror frame….

10-5-09 035a

And a piece that got started by gluing on a few random pieces and building around them. 

10-5-09 044a

And a start for another mirror frame…

10-5-09 050a

We did good in da U.P., eh????

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  1. Wowee! You did so much! They look great, and I can see you had fun. Mosaikians are truly a growing tribe.

  2. Next time you come to VA can you bring glass??? I wanna play too!!!
    Love all of them…. Laurie has some artistry going there!

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