Phantom of the Opera!


9-27-09 011

This past week, I have gone to see the Phantom not once……




The first time was last Sunday, I had an opportunity to go at the very last minute.  So, an hour after I said yes, I was at the Opera House.

9-27-09 012

THE Detroit Opera House.  I love that building. 

But back to the opera….

The music is still rolling around in my head…

Steph also wanted to see it, so Thursday we went to a matinee….

And had the best seats in the house….first row, center balcony.  Don’t know how we managed to get those seats since we showed up at the box office a half hour before the show.  The lovely ticket person had the sweetest smile on her face when she sold us the tickets.  I think she was secretly relishing our future delight with our seats.  Thank you lovely ticket lady. 

It was such a great show.  And it was so nice to see it twice, taking in all the details….

I have a few phantom phacts to share with you:

-18 53-foot semi trucks and 2 42-foot semi trucks are needed to transport the show

-the Replica of the Paris Opera Chandelier weighs 1000 pounds, is 10 feet high and has 35,000 beads on it.

9-27-09 009

-The baroque proscenium that frames the show, and that you can partially see in the above photo has 25 sculptures in it, and weight 4 tons.  It took 25 months to construct this.

-There is a life size replica of an elephant in the show

-There are 2700 yards of fabric in the Victorian style drapes

-230 costumes are worn by the 36 performers during the show

-Carlotta’s dress in the “Hannibal” scene weighs 35 pounds

-1440 hairpins are used each week (who counted these?)

-And, lastly, one pound of gel is used in the Phantom’s hair each week. 

The production was rich in sights and sounds, I loved every minute of it.

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