Home, a work in progress


Our home is just another home…modest but comfortable.  But we are kinda partial to it.  Jeff and I have done many home improvement projects over the 25 plus years we have lived in this house. 

front islands street view-just planted  I remember back in the early 90’s when we lost the large maple in the front yard.  I was upset over loosing this beautiful tree, it held so many memories.   We were suddenly forced to feel the heat of the afternoon sun through the front picture window.  And we lost privacy and the view.  Something had to be done, so we uprooted grass, added field stone edging and planted trees (a copper beech, and cedars plus other smaller stuff) to shield our home from the road.  We were quite pleased with our efforts back then.  But look at it now:

9-23-09 003


front south island-justplanted


9-23-09 002

Wow, were those plantings insignificant then, and I didn’t even realize it…

Front North island-just planted

But have grown up nicely……

9-23-09 001

Growing things is so rewarding, I have enjoyed these plantings more each year.

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