55 Birthdays to celebrate….


A certain someone’s birthday is right around the corner……

Jeff school picHe sure was a handsome guy way back when.  See that mischievous playful glint in his eyes, I love that glint…he has it most of the time to this day. 


He is an extrovert, that likes to have fun.   He tends to get right in the middle of the excitement. 

But he’s also a guy who can do just about anything he sets his mind to do, and is not afraid to just get started and get it done.  We have not hit bottom on his talents, he has been up to every

challenge we can throw at him.  And I am ever so grateful that he is also the chief photographer and historian of the family.  Last winter he went through his father’s slides, thousands of them, and digitally photographed them for all of us.  We have just found a treasure chest of slides from my family…and yes, he will digitize them for me too. 


We have had many wonderful times, memories and adventures.  And I hope that our days stretch out together for a long long time yet. 


If there were one other love in his life, it just might be fishing…… Jeff-hescores


 JeffTJStepjwaybackOf course,  he’s just about the best dad in the world.  Just ask his kids. 


And I think others will agree that he’s the one of the best brothers, uncle and friend….

JeffwithcakeLooking at all these photos, you sure haven’t changed all that much….on the inside and outside.  Happy Birthday Jeffreyson….love you bunches!

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