Where I Stand 9-6-09


9-6-09 023

Today I received a phone call, an invitation to walk over to Sue’s house and see her little granddaughter, Isabella.  I was there in a flash and before you knew it we were both talking baby talk, and getting Ella to laugh.  Ella is so feminine, so fine boned and petite compared to Colt…yet they are almost the same age.    She is a little dolly baby!

9-6-09 021 Sue and I are so happy to be new grandmother’s together.   I’ve known Sue for 25 years!  Our kids went to the same school.  Our boys rode bikes, climbed trees and skateboarded  together.   I credit  Sue to keeping my kids out of harm’s way at least once or twice.  

Sue is a fighter,  has strong opinions, and a sharp, but funny wit.  Its refreshing to be with her!   She is also so loving and supportive.  I am blessed to have her as a friend.  Sue has been fighting cancer for a while now, but has not let it take over her life any more than it has to.    I am praying that she can get into a clinical trial of a promising new chemo therapy.  And I am sharing this with you so that you can also pray for her as she continues the fight to conquer the C.   Sue’s blog is “Cancersucksbigtime”, and reading it is enlightening about how it feels to be in the fight of your life, and about what’s really important.   Keep on, keeping on Sue….I am one of many who love you and need you.

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  1. What a beautiful picture of you and Isabella!! Remember, grandchildren are not spoiled…..just loved so much!! Besides, it is a grandparent’s specialty to spoil our precious grandchildren.
    You know you are always in my prayers!!

  2. Hey Dan, Sue has two wonderful sons who she is so deservedly proud of! Its gratifying to see such a close family.

  3. i dig it. my two favorite girls. i love them both so much it hurts.

    Thank You Mrs. K.

    🙂 -Dan Wells

  4. WOW! I sure do feel special today along with my little Isabella! Thank you for your kind words Deb! And, thank you to your fellow friends and bloggers prayers and hugs! 😉

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