Look, ma…no specs


In July, I decided to try contacts.  For several reasons:

-Glasses are a pain.  They get so dirty, sweaty, scratched.   They slide down my nose, constantly.  Annoying. 

-I wanted to wear non-prescription sunglasses.  Blingy ones, sporty ones, designer, and/or cheap ones.  Its all about having a choice, not just one pair for 5 years.   Sunglasses get beat up, lost and broken so easily.  I want a pair in my purse, in the car, and on the boat….(if we had a boat that would be great, maybe we will get a boat now that I have a pair of sunglasses for it.) 

-Okay and I’ll admit it…maybe vanity just had a little itty bit to do with the contacts decision. 

The new contacts are much improved from 10-15 years ago when I gave up on them.  More comfortable, more water content.  And I was surprised to find they now have bifocal contacts, and being that I am just over 40, that is what I need.  The problem is that with bifocals in the lens, distance vision suffers.  The stronger the bifocal, the less you will see far away.  Road signs were fuzzy, I felt like Mr. Magoo.  (Does anyone remember Mr. Magoo)  So after two different prescription strengths of this type I went on to the next option.

The next option was to wear contacts for distance vision, and opt for cheater magnifier glasses for close up.  No not for me, I quickly tired of wearing cheaters.  I basically walked around with them sitting on the tip of my nose all the time.  I even felt it necessary to wear them while eating, so I could see the food.  

But, the third time was a charm.  I tried monovision.  One eye for distance and the other for closeup.  I was so very surprised that I INSTANTLY adjusted.  My stronger, leading eye is set up for distance.  I find the other eye just kicks in when needed for the close up views.  There is a middle ground that I can’t seem to focus clearly on yet, but am hoping that will correct itself as time goes on.  

The only disadvantage to contacts is that I forget I have them in and use hairspray.  That just about ruins them instantly.  Right now, I’m forced to wear a pair that has a hair spray shellac coating on them.  Not pleasant, but I only have this one sample pair.   I am on the prowl for hair products that are nonaerosol.

So, I conclude this little review of my experience with contacts.  Hopefully it will be helpful to someone.

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  1. You look great in contacts, I think it’s wonderful. And kind of odd that I’m at a point that after years I’m kinda tiring of contacts. Maybe I should just give you my contacts and you can give me your glasses?

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