Where I Stand 8-30-09


8-30-09 054

Some flowers are classified in the “old fashioned” category….that would be the case of celosia. 

I am in love with this flower.

8-30-09 039

Everything about it is delicious.  Color, shape, texture….its got it all

8-30-09 060 My planting of it stands out in the distance, inviting me to go visit.   But planting is misleading, as I planted this bed of it several years ago and it has just returned on its own every year.  It thrives in the hot sun and drought, in other words-neglect. 

8-30-09 053

Another volunteer growing amongst the celosia is the old-fashioned annual, amaranthus….or “love lies bleeding”.    Quite victorian-esque.  I think it looks like its from outer space. 

8-30-09 066 This spiky variety of celosia is hard to find.   You’ll just have to make a trade with me next spring if you would like to grow it. 

8-30-09 059

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  1. I’d like to trade…not sure what all I have to offer…I am saving some beautiful zinnia seeds this year for next…

    Anyhow, they are beautiful! And it’s cool to see bumblebees on it. I bet my honeybees would dig it too!

  2. I love that name, “love lies bleeding”. Sounds very Victorian. Beautiful flowers. Cool matching nail polish.

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