Goes around, comes around



Our wedding was quite the celebration!  We had about 300 guests, a band, and a great polish meal.  It was wonderful, and I am so grateful to our parents for giving us such a great party.  We had so much fun that night, and I think everyone else did too.  Except maybe the relative from Cleveland who said the band did not play enough polkas.   Oh how I would have chosen different colors of tuxes and different style bridesmaid dresses today.  But this was the trend back then, what can I say.   My taste has matured to more classic styling. 

I want to point out the best man, Dennis, on the right.  He and Jeff have been friends since high school.    Well, Dennis and Cherida’s youngest daughter, Casey, got married this weekend. 


She is beautiful.  And of course, that’s her dad, Dennis escorting her. 

8-22-09 055 There is Cherida, with a tear in her eye. 


And there is the whole beloved Davies clan.

Congratulations Casey and Ryan!

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  1. Pretty as they look now, it’s nice to know that in 30 years Casey will be questioning her judgment on wedding apparel.

  2. You and Jeff were the height of 70’s fashion. Wow these old photos are fun. Happy Anniversary.

  3. That is so sweet!
    I think Dennis looks better now! Could just be the powder blue tux though!

    I have some pictures of Honey in that SAME suit! And OTHER colors of the same suit! YIKES!

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