U.P. north


Earlier this month we were in the upper peninsula of Michigan. 

8-8-09 025 We had a big family gathering, there were people everywhere….8-8-09 015

but I think there were more dogs…..

8-8-09 038

We celebrated d’mama’s birthday.

8-8-09 050

8-8-09 021 We toured Laurie’s newly refurbished outhouse, the “Potscienda”.  Note the new skylight installed in the roof.  Its all set to use folks, now get to it.  Indoor plumbing is overrated. 

Some of us were even up early enough to catch the Lake Michigan sunrise.

8-8-09 148

Or stayed up late enough to observe the night sky….

8-8-09 002

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  1. Okay, build an outhouse at YOUR house and see how long you fare without indoor plumbing…I sure as heck wouldn’t be able to do it 🙂

  2. The main thing I noticed is the pic of the person with the hooded sweatshirt up over their head…in August…brrrrr…..

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