Weekend of Making


This weekend was the much anticipated “Baguette Weekend Getaway Art Making Extravaganza”!  We went up north to Kat’s cabin, with an itinerary and supplies, a little food and drink.  We squeezed as much activity as possible into a little over 48 hours.  I had to leave Saturday afternoon, so the others had another WHOLE day…I wonder what they did?????

First off, Kat had canvases for us to paint.  I do not profess to be a painter….be warned.  But we had an assignment from our hostess, and didn’t want to disappoint her with inaction.  Here is my painting….

8-23-09 001

Next, we doodled on fabric and proceeded to embroider these small canvases throughout the weekend…..

8-23-09 002

Next up was mosaic mirrors………..

8-23-09 003

And I had a chance to start on a “self portrait doll”…..yikes.

8-23-09 004 

Assembling them together,  I was surprised to see the color theme…..

8-23-09 005

We were focused, but enjoyed camaraderie….working around a table or sitting area all together.   The time flew by, lots of laughing, joking, singing and talking.  I arrived home refreshed and energized, with lots of ideas. 

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  1. I LOVE that painting……too bad I changed my mind…..again…..about adding turquoise to the Florida house..:)

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