Where I Stand, 8-16-09


I’m a week behind here, so really this should be as Leann says, “where I stood”. 

8-8-09 127

What would a vacation on Lake Michigan be without a beach bonfire.  Or as the kids used to say “bombfire”!

8-8-09 072 This year, Alex (an eagle scout and neighbor) made the bonfire the evening of d’mama’s birthday, in her honor.  He has taken it to the level of art and craft, made it a thing of beauty.   Note the perfect shape, the birch bark woven throughout the sticks. 

8-8-09 075 All that was required was one match at the base to get the whole thing going. 

 8-8-09 077Soon it was roaring! 

8-8-09 114

There’s a bunch of happy campers.

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  1. *SIGH* makes me homesick!!
    That was really taking fire building to a higher level… but really, tradition states that GAS must be used for a true KOLAR BOMBfire!

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