Its been a travelling, vacationing sort of month…can’t believe August is almost half over!  We spent a long weekend with Capri L in Virginia at the beginning of August, but I’m just catching up on the “blob”( a d’mama word).  That weekend was just so much fun, and special because  Capri’s Patt, and Kelly and I drove down with our daughters, “the Bermudas”, Steph, Jackie, Abcat and Mouse. 

8-2-09 004

Paddy the rescued beaver weighs in at 40 pounds now, at one year old.   She is doing well in her outdoor habitat, keeping busy with all sorts of beavery things like building, chewing and swimming.  Every evening she goes for a stroll with Lisa, following her human mom around wherever she wanders.  But she is also acting more independent in many ways,  less cooperative,  more headstrong.  Fortunately this is a good thing, and Lisa expects her to become more and more unsettled over the next year leading up to her eventual release.

8-2-09 037

We sat on L’s front porch during the evenings.  The view was awesome, looking out at the Skyline Drive and the mountainside.   I’m sure the Bermudas saw a slightly different side of their moms during this porch sitting time,too.   

8-2-09 012

This view of the Skyline was taken last fall, but just wanted to make sure you understood what we saw while sitting on L’s porch… is quite awesome!

10-08 virginia 093

We did more than our share of shopping, but then that’s what the Capri’s are especially fond of doing.   I think we tired the girls out.  We tried out a new game, thanks to Jackie.  Its called “Apples to Apples” and is a blast with a group of people.  Kind of a word association game, but with a twist. 

8-2-09 011 Meet Mr. Kowalski…the polish rooster.  He is the proud king of his henhouse and quite a tame guy, at least to Lisa.  I’m disappointed that I didn’t get a photo of Poppet, the equal opportunity lap cat.  She is something wonderful….and was in her glory with all the laps to choose from. 


I do believe we have started an annual Capri/Bermuda Weekend Extravaganza. 

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  1. I’m thinking a Capri weekend on an island in Florida in the wintertime…. hummmmmmmmmmmmm

  2. There are lots of options…like we could all go somewhere, once you get your freedom again.

  3. I sure HOPE it becomes an annual tradition! I might have to start looking around for another camper though! Or maybe I can convert the potting shed into a cute little guest house with bunk beds…

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