That was Jeff’s father’s name for Elaine, Jeff’s mom, my MIL….but we simply call her d’mama.  She is turning 88 this week.  Here she is with her daughter’s….

8-16-08 Erin's wedding 219

D’mama has had a rough couple of years, but she is doing fine.  She plays poker and other cards on a daily basis.  Has plenty of friends to lunch with, and loves her community and her little apartment.    And she is close to her family. 

I just have to say that mom does not mince words.  It took a little getting used to.  There were some rough spots in our relationship.  But once I understood that she is “not nosy, just interested”, I could eagerly anticipate her desire to hear all the family news.  And know that she really loves me, us all, and shows it,  occasionally, by nagging us about things for our own good.  And if we choose to tell her to back off, or just ignore her, that’s okay.  No offense taken.  That’s just her way.  But do know she will keep at it, that’s her way too.    I love and appreciate her refreshing personality and frankness, more and more with each year.

Don’t get me wrong, d’mama is a happy person.  She finds the good in others, has a  thankful heart, an easygoing manner, and is alot of fun to be around.    She dearly loves all her grandchildren, and great-grandchildren and they do love her. 

1-11-08 TJ & Ambers Wedding 168



D’mama traditionally takes a jetski ride on her birthday….hope she is up to it this year.  I will surely post a photo. 

Happy Birthday, Elaine!   Love you!

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  2. Doesn’t she look great in that hat! I don’t know anything about this picture, though.

  3. Happy Birthday EEEK!!!! You have a wonderful family!
    Have fun celebrating and I hope you get her on the jet ski!

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