Happy Birthday Esther


If Esther were still here on earth, she would be 109 years old this week! 

Esther and Debbie

But here she is, mid 20th century, holding her little granddaughter, Debbie.  Mom tells the story about my first few months, when they lived with her parents.  Grandma would hear me stir in the middle of the night, be the first at my crib….and rock me back to sleep.  I quickly learned, and soon grandma and I had our nights and days all mixed up. 

Another favorite memory, is learning to roller skate with Grams.  The roller skates  were the kind that stretched to fit over anyone’s shoe, remember those?  Well, I just couldn’t get the motion right.  So my grandmother, in her 60’s,  strapped those skates on and showed me how it was done.  She was like that….fun, sweet, encouraging. 

Thinking of you Grams, Happy Birthday! 

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