Way Back When-sday, Esther 2


Esther and friends

Yikes, photos of my maternal Grandmother, Esther, are few and far between….Here she is with her church ladies group, in front of the Ossineke Methodist Church.   What a conglomeration of fashion statements and styles.  I love this photo!  My grandmother is in the first row, on the right.  She was not a nurse, ever…that I know of.    I wish I knew more about this photo.  But I do know that my grandma Esther was a gentle Christian woman.  I treasure her bible, and feel a connection to her when I open it to find her notes, underlines and prayer list.  And I feel the influence of her quiet faith, and her giving spirit.  I returned to Ossineke a few years ago, only to find that this little church is no longer standing.   Sigh. 

Today, Mr Linky does not seem to be working.  So, how about just posting a comment here, letting us know that you have a Way Back photo to share this week.

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  1. I was searching online for photos of the Ossineke Methodist Church and your blog photo came up. I love this photo. I grew up at this church. My grandparents lived behind it. My grandmother (second one from Esther), great grandmother and great aunt are in this photo. I shared this photo with my mom. She remembers all these ladies and your grandmother. Thanks for the memories!

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