Where I Stand Sunday 7-12-09



Jackie is my guest “stander” today.  We were invited to a cookout, housewarming party at my nephew’s house, or more correctly “farm”.  Jackie was taken a little bit by surprise here….

IMG_3000 These little piglets were fascinated with her hot pink toes, peeking under the stall to get at them.  She said,  “Hurry Mom, get the picture, their nibbling is not gentle.”   But they are so cute.  Did I mention that this was also a pig roast???  Seeing these sweet swine definitely precludes me from raising livestock….mine would have names and homes for life.   Colt was fascinated, he thought they were the strangest looking dogs he’s ever seen. 


There was another pig that had such an expressive face……


And begged for your attention…..


She? would follow you around the fence until you gave her what she wanted…..


There were also chickens…..lots of them….not exaggerating when I say….100+’s, some free ranging….



I especially loved the black and white calf…..


Look at that face….Ron, I think you should name her….she’s so sweet, she has a triangle on her forehead, and a white dot on her nose, and look at those gorgeous eyes with the long eyelashes….’m sorry….I could not be a farmer.  Maybe you just need one pet cow, let it be her/him….maybe she could be a dairy cow.  Can I have cows in my backyard?  I will take her.   


Okay, I know I am way out of line here.  Just consider me a hypocrite who loves beef, but prefers not to think about where it comes from.   

We had a wonderful time at RC Farms.  Ron and Courtney, you two are awesome,  hard workers,  who work well together.  I wish you much happiness in your new homestead, and many blessings.  I know your Mom is proud of you, and happy for you Ron! 


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  1. Did you hear me scream from your house?????? YIKES!!!
    Those calves are so sweet! This looks like a Pioneer Woman post!

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