It pays to be ready….


…And have work sitting around in drawers, cupboards and on your walls.  I was invited to help round out Lynn’s Breaking Traditions, With One Voice exhibit at the 212 Arts Center in Saline, Michigan.  It had to be hung pronto and the notice was more like hours than days.   Put me into a little flurry of activity, it did.     Luckily, everything I had was ready for hanging, except six pieces.  Quickly, Jeff cut black mat boards for some frames on hand .  CapriP came over on Monday morning and we affixed the small quilts to the frames and tagged, listed and packed up all the supplies.  With Kat, we hung everything in the afternoon, and "poof" its done.  Thank you Pat and Kat for your help, and thank you Lynn for including me in your exhibit. 

I really love the way the mat boards and frames finished my small pieces, they sit on top of the mats without any glass covering.  This topic has been a constant source of debate amongst us fiber people.  How do you hang your small pieces without them resembling fancy potholders on the wall.   I have another idea, decoratively jazz up the frames with a little paint.  But that will be explored in the future. 


I will post more details very soon….the who, what, where, why and whens

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