A dog named Willie


Look at those eyes…that intense stare, she always knows what she wants.   


Willie was waiting for us at the animal shelter.  Just biding her time, knowing that her family would arrive any minute.  I saw her first, in the kennel.  It was love at first sight between me and that puppy.  Jackie was with me, but was otherwise occupied when I first saw Willie.  I just wanted to see what would happen when Jackie saw the pup on her own, would she walk on by, or would there be a connection.    A few minutes later, I was playing with the kittens, and Jackie came in.  ”Mom, you have to see this puppy, she is our dog….you are going to LOVE her, she is the sweetest, cutest dog I have ever seen.”   “Oh really, lets go see her” I said.  But before we could move, here was 4 month old Willie being led to us by the shelter manager.  Honestly, magic happened.  We would have rather moved into the shelter than let Willie stay there without us.  So we took her to the cottage, on consignment, just to try her out.   But, let me digress….

We lost our dear collie, Toad, just the day before.  She was very ill for a long time.  Jeff and I both said that we probably did not want another dog “for a while”.  Hmmmm…see where this is going. 

Jeff said that the minute he saw Willie, he knew he had no fighting chance at winning the “no dog” argument.    We were dogless for less than 24 hours.  Willie, renamed Marlo has been a member of our family for 9 years now.  We don’t know her real birthday, but I have proclaimed it to be July 4th.  Happy birthday, Marlo.  Some things are just meant to be, even if the timing is not quite what you would have chosen. 

Marlo is really a blessing to our family, and we would have missed out on the most expressive dog I have ever owned….she smiles when she’s happy, she  squints when she’s guilty, she sings for her supper (earned the nickname Merlot the whiner) and holds conversations with us….sighs, gives glaring looks of disgust, and plots ways to tiptoe to the garbage and somehow nose out morsels of scraps without disturbing a thing.  Yep, she’s our big hairy fur ball of unconditional love!

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  1. Happy Birthday Marlo. Ceecee, the cat who walks through walls, also sends you greetings because she shares your birthday.

  2. That trick she does with the food balanced on her nose is SO cute!!
    Happy Birthday Marlo!
    Katie’s b-day is the 4th also!

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  4. Yep, it was magic! You picked a winner, and so did she! Happy Birthday Miss Marlo!!

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