Roses are white


Its actually late for my white meidiland rose to bloom.    They are stars blooming in a galaxy of green! 

6-21-09 024

And my right baby toe is purple…all I can say is that I must be in a deep sleep by 1AM and do not handle finding the ringing phone gracefully at that time.    

There are some lovely things blooming in the garden right now:

6-14-09 041

Climbing Hydrangea

6-14-09 036

6-14-09 018 Goatsbeard

6-14-09 023

4th of July climbing rose

6-14-09 031


Hope you all had a lovely Sunday, and a Happy Father’s Day.

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  1. Who in the world was calling at 1 a.m. and WHY???

    “Oh, my toe, OH, my toe”, said like Marcia Brady, except without the nose!

    Does the climbing hydrangea have a scent? The Goats Beard looks so interesting!

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