It’s Father’s Day this weekend.

But I just wrote a feature of my dad.

And there is another person I want to help celebrate Father’s Day this year….


This is his first ever Father’s Day.



And he has a little son who is very much like him.


How much so remains to be seen, but they sure do look alike.



Somehow I do believe his son will be a bundle of energy and curiosity, just like him.



But there is also another reason to stop….



…something that is cause for a celebration


Its also this young dad’s birthday, his last 20 something birthday!


Happy Birthday Teej!  From your mama     XOXOXO


5 thoughts on “H.B.TJ”

  1. They DO look alike!!! What precious pictures! I love the one of you two sleeping on the couch. Oh, our babies grow too fast!

  2. Happy Birthday and happy Father’s day Teej from “doh home Aunt Lisa” and Uncle Cam too! We love you!

    P.S. Oh DEAR Deb… you actually put him in a SAILOR SUIT!!!?????

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