It’s Father’s Day this weekend.

But I just wrote a feature of my dad.

And there is another person I want to help celebrate Father’s Day this year….


This is his first ever Father’s Day.



And he has a little son who is very much like him.


How much so remains to be seen, but they sure do look alike.



Somehow I do believe his son will be a bundle of energy and curiosity, just like him.



But there is also another reason to stop….



…something that is cause for a celebration


Its also this young dad’s birthday, his last 20 something birthday!


Happy Birthday Teej!  From your mama     XOXOXO

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  1. They DO look alike!!! What precious pictures! I love the one of you two sleeping on the couch. Oh, our babies grow too fast!

  2. What great pictures! It’s amazing to see the resemblance. You are such a lucky Mom/Gramma.

  3. Happy Birthday and happy Father’s day Teej from “doh home Aunt Lisa” and Uncle Cam too! We love you!

    P.S. Oh DEAR Deb… you actually put him in a SAILOR SUIT!!!?????

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