Where I Stand Sunday


6-14-09 002 

Today was one of those simple pleasures kind of days.   It was a beautiful day outdoors,  and I spent a good deal of it out there.  But that whole thing of “what’s for dinner” was hanging over my head.  Sometimes its just harder to decide “what” to cook then it is to actually cook.  Do you find that true?  Earlier in the day, I asked TJ what he wanted me to cook in honor of his birthday that is coming up.  He said, “Hamburgers, beans and corn on the cob”.  He’s a simple guy in the food arena.  So today, as I’m puttering away, that menu kept running through my mind and sounding really really good.  Three guesses what we had tonight for dinner…and will be repeating the very same dinner soon. 

My story continues, enter d’mama, who joins us for Sunday dinner when we are lucky.  I thought she would not be so crazy about this dinner.  I did make her and I a veggie burger instead, and we had the corn, beans,  and watermelon.  But it was just so basic and EASY, nothing special.  You know what she said….”this was the best dinner I’ve had in a while.  It just tasted so good.”  And it did taste good, delicious.  I’m all for simple cooking.  So, what do you all cook when you want a quick, easy, simple but delicious summer supper?  

6-14-09 012

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