Spring Extravaganza….


Kathie left yesterday morning.  We shopped quite a bit, because Kathie lives up there in the woods where there is no serious shopping to be found.  She had a list.  And we crossed off just about every item on it.

But there was also plenty of downtime.  Bibbs deemed Kathie a worthy person…..

6-2-09 022

She’s one of the chosen honored by Bibbs….she jumped onto Kathie’s lap, and even allowed a belly rub. 

Kathie originally purchased this hanging basket to take home.  But when we temporarily placed in my empty pot, well it just refused to leave.  This combo is an alltime-most- favorite-ever.  White-pink geraniums, lobelia and a burgandy coralbell. 

6-2-09 059

We are all feeling a little lonesome after the whirlwind extravaganza.  But, there is always next year to look forward too…

6-2-09 006

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  1. Thanks, Deb, for a wonderful three days. I came home feeling relaxed, re-energized and re-focused on my art. That plant looks so much better on your patio than it would ever look on my deck.

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