…I’ve been thrown off the horse.  But what must you do when that happens?

Of course, we all know…..so here I am, back again.       Today the workroom got cleaned, it wasn’t too bad.  But it was bad enough to encourage avoiding it.  By judging the  piles, I hadn’t seen the wood tabletop for over a month. 

Alas there is nothing new to show you quite yet.  But that is just temporary, as plans are in the works for a continuing series of the hand quilts, several due dates for exhibits are crashing in, and an itchiness to my fingers that will only be soothed by a needle in hand, or perhaps grout under the fingernails. 

Also, in the works are some changes/additions to the blog.  Namely, showing old work on new pages to serve as a gallery, as a history.  This way, if I should be lucky enough to have someone new visit, they could get a look at my work without going through the archives.  Sort of like a website, but easier to manage.   Links, for inspiration and amazement are needed too.    Stay tuned for the changes, slowly but surely. 

Thank you for checking in.

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