Way Back Elaine and Jack


This photo is of my inlaws, Jack and Elaine, on their wedding day in 1942.  I really really love this picture, they are so happy…


They dated for a long time before Jack went into the army and was stationed in New Orleans.  Elaine and her friend’s family drove down to New Orleans to visit him and his buddy.  While they were there, he tried to convince her to get married right then.  But she made him wait (that wouldn’t be the last time), and promised she would come back at Easter.    By then, he was moved to Massachusetts.  But she was true to her word, she and two friends took a bus to Massachusetts, and they were married. 


They were married for 58 years before dad died in 1999.  And they were happy together, despite their famous SKA’s….Stupid Kolar Arguments.  I think they just liked to bicker….mostly about ways things should be done, or about getting the facts right regarding the past.  I can just hear him…”I don’t think so Elaine”….with a big smile on his face. 


Mom misses Jack…..and so do we.

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  1. Still trying to catch up on old posts! Sorry! I love all those photos, and this brought tears to my eyes…I really miss him.

  2. They certainly were a handsome couple! I’m going to have to sit Mom down and get some of these stories out of her… I had no idea about how the marriage proposal went down!

  3. Fantastic old shots…I love to see the old war-time love! And esp that it carries over 58 years…wonderful!

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  5. LOVE this!!! How cute were they?
    Young EEEK is SO cute!!!!
    A handsome couple that raised a wonderful family!

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