Where I Stand Sunday


5-31-09 001

My good friend, Kathie from Charlevoix is here for a few days!!!!  I am calling this our Spring Extravaganza, and I vote that this  becomes an annual tradition.  I’m hoping that when Kathie goes home, some true springlike weather will have finally arrived for her up north.  Sping is way overdue up there.  But in the meantime, we will enjoy these days here, talk about gardening, cooking and art…do a little shopping….some good eating…and who knows what else….in short, fun! 

But tonight, this is what we are doing…..

5-31-09 002

Go Red Wings!

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  1. Oh Yes, do make it a yearly tradition! There’s nothin better than spending quality time with your BFF!! We Schmenkmans know a bit about that!
    We watched a little bit of the game but kinda fell asleep cuz after all it didn’t even START until 8:00!!

  2. Have fun with your Friend!!!

    Hockey is on over here as well. Did you see Don Cherry’s get up? It was an abomination, but I have seen him in worse!

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