Get Growing


What a great spring, we have had good rain and warm weather (generally) and the plants are happy.  I’ve planted herb containers…..

5-23-09 026

which include parsley, basil, thyme, rosemary and chives.   

Also, every year I save seeds from my German pink heirloom tomatoes and ask the local greenhouse to start them for me.  (I always seem to get dampening off when starting my own indoors)  But this year,  I am a little smarter, hopefully. Since there are always volunteer tomato sprouts from last years harvest, why not use these as my plants.  Simple, but I never remembered about those seedlings until I’ve already planted my greenhouse grown plants that are the very same species as those hardy little volunteers.     So I have a teeny tiny little plant inside a huge tomato cage, and great hope.  And a couple of early varieties of tomato to lengthen the season. 

5-23-09 049

My little vegetable garden is raised and fenced to deter the varmints.  Plantings include onions, garlic (although not as many as Warren planted), lots of varieties of peppers, lettuce, zucchini and the tomatoes.

Two years ago, I planted my garden but didn’t put the fence up.  The very next morning, I went to visit it….and each and every plant was severed in half.  Decapitated.  Not even a bite taken out of a leaf.  I blame the resident ground hog, I guess he just was bored.  He definitely was not hungry, as he weighs more than my dog.  The fence goes up immediately now. 

   I have noticed  that the rabbit population is not quite as “exuberant” as it has been.  I’ve also noticed more hawks around.  Perhaps there is a relationship there.  For such a small space, we get much output.  But if I could work out the varmint problem easily, I would have a much bigger garden.   Any ideas?

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  1. Your “exuberant” rabbits have moved over to our house! I have never seen so many!
    I would be LESS than useless with the gardening info, you know I have no skills.

  2. My suggestion…
    Position youself within earshot of BFG and casually mention how much you would love a larger garden but how it simply canNOT POSSIBLY be done. We all know how much he loves a challenge! How’s the battle with the ground ivy going?

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