Where I Stand Sunday


Its the end of a long day, a long week, and I am stretched out enjoying a little Sunday evening R & R while thinking to myself,  I won’t do a Sunday, Where I Stand post today.    But, it has become such a habit, I really must.  And besides, last Sunday we on the road home from Florida and I do believe that was the only time ever missed in the 18 months I’ve been taking photos of my feet.  So here I go, once again:

5-24-09 004

It all started with FibraArtysta Lynn’s “Where I Stand Sunday” posts.  And seeing her beautiful images and reading her writing are a favorite Sunday routine of mine.   My Sunday posts have become a way to mark the weeks, a way to revisit the hightlights of the week or season, and also reflect on what I am grateful for.   So I do continue.  And I do thank all of you for coming along with me. 

Today was the first time my parents met their great grandchild.  I was just thinking, I am their first born, my son was their first grandchild, and now he brings them their first great grandchild.   5-24-09 002

It was great to see my mom and dad enjoy him, and get to know him a little.

5-24-09 025

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