Was that a pelican????


Jeff was in the upper peninsula last weekend, opening up the cottage. 

5-23-09 002

Of course, its still pretty early spring up above the 45th parallel. 

5-23-09 006

One evening before dinner, Jeff’s sister Laurie saw “those white birds again”, flying down the beach. 

Jeff grabbed the camera and captured some fleeting images……..

5-23-09 020

Huh, white birds with black tipped wings and orange beaks.  Snow geese?  No, they don’t fly like geese.

5-23-09 021

They fly like pelicans….and yes, they are American White pelicans.  After a little research, and talking to Char and Dan (our favorite local people), the white pelican has been seen up there.  They migrate down the Mississippi valley in March, usually nesting in North Dakota, then return to the gulf of Mexico in late April.  So these guys are stragglers, and  just a little off course. 

5-23-09 022

They are huge, weighing up to 30 pounds, and with a  7 foot wingspan.    1-7-09 075

We are more familiar with this scene….early January, in the Pine Island Sound of Florida.

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